Vumela IT Services donates to Hillcrest AIDS Centre

Vumela IT donates new laptop

Vumela IT Services donates Laptops to Hillcrest AIDS Centre

Vumela IT Services donates new Laptops to Hillcrest AIDS Centre. Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust cares for people with HIV/AIDS, offering testing, counselling, home-based care and unconditional love and support. Various feeding schemes and income generation projects are run by the trust to raise money for the trust itself and to give individuals a sense of self-esteem and a way to make money to support themselves and their families.

When their old computers finally gave up the ghost, Vumela IT stepped up with a brand new PC. Having fast and reliable computers are vital to the smooth running of the Hillcrest AIDS Centre so Vumela was delighted to play a small role in assisting this fantastic organisation. We hope to inspire them to keep in the technology world.

We hope that this encourages this organisation to keep on going and keep their stylish jewellery and crafty works distributed to all who visit.

Take a trip down to their arts and craft store, and you will be amazed at the products you find.

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