Expertise and Passion

Vumela IT Services is a young and dynamic company, founded by Sivashni Moodley.

She brings over twenty years experience in the IT sector, having worked in every aspect of the industry from desktop and infrastructure support to managing the vendor/supplier relationships of large corporate companies.  She combines her passion and energy for ICT solutions with an in-depth understanding of what it takes to build a team of professionals who put customer service first.

The team combines the expertise of seasoned professionals with a hand picked group of young engineers who are continually updating and increasing their skills in a fast-paced environment.

Professional Development and Mentoring

Sivashni believes in believing in people. She herself benefitted from a corporate bursary to study for a degree in IT, an opportunity which would not have otherwise been possible. In her own words, “I was humbled that somebody had put their faith in me and I always had a dream of ‘paying it forward’ some day by providing that same opportunity to others.”

With the growth of the business, she has been able to offer opportunities to an increasing number of talented young people who are developing their skills through a combination of formal training and on the job mentoring.

Meet our team of professionals

Sivashni Moodley - Managing Director

Sivashni Moodley: Managing Director.
Can usually be found: Leading from the front by inspiring and motivating her staff.

The heart and soul of Vumela IT Services, Sivashni is described as a workaholic by her colleagues. She is driven to succeed by her desire to grow her company into a powerhouse of IT excellence. She also makes sure that her staff members grow and develop professionally so that they can shine in their careers and even start businesses of their own someday.  She believes that job creation and skills development are the keys to economic empowerment.

When she’s not in the office, she can be found in the kitchen, where her love of baking is a source of relaxation to Sivashni and delight to her family and friends!  She’d love to visit India again to explore more of the country and embrace the rich cultural heritage of the country of her ancestors.

Suren Naidoo: Head of Operations

William Brindle: Operations Manager Eskom.
Can usually be found: Resolving Eskom operational matters

William has been working with the Eskom services contracts for the last 33 years and having joined Vumela IT Services in mid-2020 he brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge to drive his area of responsibility. Having studied management at the University of Free State with the addition of previously working with T-Systems, William is well suited for the challenges and the evolutionary journey that comes with being a manager at Vumela IT Services.

At home he is a Family man who enjoys time at the farm. He is famous for his sense of humor and his calm and collected approach to most things. One of his happiest moments in his life was the day his daughter was born.

William one day hopes to visit Switzerland as he enjoys the scenic atmosphere of this clean and technologically advanced society. He hopes to grow old gracefully.

Phili Mkhize – Backup Team Leader - Operations

Phili Mkhize: Team Leader.
Can usually be found: Making sure operations runs smoothly in her area of responsibility and her team receives all the assistance they need

For more than two decades, Phili has worked for some of the largest companies in South Africa, providing frontline IT support.  She’s outgoing and loves talking to people which makes her an ideal role model for the team responsible for providing a prompt and reassuring service to corporate clients.

When she’s not solving IT issues or motivating her staff, she loves to broaden her mind by reading and travel. She’d like to visit New York to enjoy the fast-paced energy of the city and also to visit the Twin Towers memorial site. “I’d like to spend time in reflection on the people who died so suddenly and tragically that day.”   Knowing that life can be short, Phili keeps fit, lives healthily and throws herself whole-heartedly into everything she does.

Stuart “Stu” Dettmer: Team Leader.
Can usually be found: In the Eastern Cape office, ensuring his team provide excellent service.

Stu controls the day-to-day operations in the Eastern Cape, bringing the benefit of his vast experience and IT skills to his team.

A keen game fisherman, he can be found near the ocean whenever the opportunity arises.  His dream is to fish some of the most famous spots in the world, such as the Bahamas or St Lazarus banks.  His family, which includes three sons, knows him best as a great father and role model. His proudest moment to date was his eldest son’s 21st.  “Listening to the positive speeches from family and friends and realising that we had done a good job in bringing him up.”

Clive Moodley

Sadhasivan “Clive” Moodley: Team Leader.
Can usually be found: Managing IT Operations for Central Gauteng delivering EUC Services to Eskom.

Clive is a qualified engineer with ITIL and Microsoft certification; and along with his 23 years of experience with the likes of Arivia.kom, T-Systems and Eskom, allows him to lead his team to meet client requirements in the busy central Johannesburg district.

He is very much a family man known for his jokes, who likes to spend time fishing and camping with his family; and one day hopes to travel the world and experience other cultures. His personal dream is to watch his team Liverpool play at their home ground in England.

He regards his school days as some of the best especially where he was elected to be the Head Boy during his final year.

Gerhard Rust: Team Leader.
Can usually be found: Running the day-to-day operations in the Inland Region (Free State, Northern Cape and North West) and assisting with field support where needed.

Gerhard is a highly qualified technical addition to the team where he provides insight and ideas to projects helping give a fresh perspective to the team and a strong new candidate into leadership. Having joined in May 2020, he brings with him 13 years of experience in the IT industry which includes previous employers such as T-Systems.

His passion for technology keeps him busy with learning about new innovations and studying towards higher certification so that he can progress in his career.

A true South Africa and proud father who likes to socialise and relax with family having a braai and watching sport. One day he hopes to visit Paris and enjoy the tourist attractions that he has long since admired.

Demaine Poovan

Demaine Poovan: Team Leader.
Can usually be found: Managing and supporting a team of amazing engineers.

Demaine, also known as Dee, is one of Vumela IT’s young managers who is certified and experienced in the operations field spending the last 6 years of his career mostly with the Vumela family.

His ambition in life is focused on helping the less fortunate and making a positive difference in the lives of others.

He spends his free time working on cars with the boys and preparing them for racing, all while allowing some time to have a few pink drinks. His family looks to him to be the braai master and to aesthetically modify their cars.

One day he wishes to visit Bora Bora, which would be his perfect beach escape with blue skies, clear blue water with peace and tranquility. He is very proud of the days when he achieved swimmer of the year and his SA senior B qualifying times.

Yash Tooray – Team Leader Operations

Yash Tooray: PQSM Manager.
Can usually be found: At the heart of the company where he successfully manages departments and is a man of many talents who always finds time to assist his colleagues with solutions and helping to innovate where needed.

A qualified computer systems engineer, Yash brings a wealth of experience to his role as a leader and mentor, while also finding time for humour and pranks which help to ease the tension in a high pressure environment.

A self-confessed tech junkie, Yash makes it his business to keep up with the latest technology trends and is constantly on the lookout for new innovations which will benefit the company departments and their clients.

As someone who likes to push the boundaries and discover new things, Yash would like to visit the Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean. He jokes that he thrives under pressure!

Back on land, he’s a devoted husband and father and considers himself blessed to have a loving family and a job that constantly challenges and rewards him.

Kevin Moodley: Team Leader.
Can usually be found: In the Project Office coordinating and working very closely with the operational teams to ensure that resources are available for our customers amongst other duties.

Kevin has been with Vumela IT for 5 years and brings his vast knowledge of over 10 years of onsite technical skill with a multitude of customers; and along with his calm nature makes a very effective Project Manager.

In his spare time you will find him with the joys of his life; his lovely wife and his adorable daughter. Happiness is his goal in life, always living life to the fullest. His hobbies include music and he occasionally plays the prank on his team mates. He is planning to visit India in the future, the land of his forefather to hopefully gain answers to his many questions.

Yash Tooray – Team Leader Operations

Nomah “Nomz” Mgobhozi: HR & Administration Manager
Can usually be found: Providing HR support and direction to her administration team; Nomah is kept busy ensuring Vumela IT’s human capital has a healthy link to management.

With a Diploma in Human Resources Management and 10 years working in the IT industry, Nomah is highly capable of managing her department to ensure its aligned and productive with the rest of the company’s Administrative needs.

“Nomz” is a bubble of energy, always lightening the moment especially during some very tense Management gatherings. Her loud laugh can be heard in the corridors as she keeps the spirits high at the Vumela IT head office even after a long night with the books as she endeavours to further her studies in HR. In her spare time, she enjoys Reality TV and is fascinated by how different people can be when put into challenging situations. She is saving up for a holiday in Dubai which has always been a dream of hers; however, she will return to South Africa back to Vumela IT as she is very proud to hold a distinguished position in the Management team.

Verndell Khan

Verndell Khan: Finance Manager
Can usually be found: Ensuring the company is in the best Financial health and providing Financial advice and insights to the Executive Team that will allow for the best business decisions to be made.

Registered with SAICA as a CA(SA) and tax practitioner, Verndell has a wealth of accounting knowledge with 12 years of experience with companies such a Pricewaterhouse Coopers.

Her ambition in life is to make a positive impact on the lives of others and try to do so at every opportunity whether it is helping someone achieve their potential or assisting someone in need. She believes that success is not complete if you are not able to give back to those who helped you get there, which she has a history of doing. As an avid lover of animals, she would like to be involved in an animal rescue shelter at some point.

When away from her desk she enjoys spending time with her family, travelling, playing with her dogs, and reading. She is a proud Mum to a little girl whom she enjoys baking with and learning from her and her fearless personality. In her home Verndell is known for being a solution driven person who thinks rationally and can keep her cool in stressful situations.

Drawn by the love and beauty of the city, Paris is her destination of choice, where she plans to visit Disneyland for her daughter, but confesses that its more for her. Local trips mostly include our beautiful Mother City of Cape Town, at least a few times a year.