Networking Services.




We offer a full suite of services including configuration, installation and support of local, wide and wireless networks. Our services include:

  • Network Designs and Installation
  • Lan/Wan Management
  • Proactive monitoring
  • 24/7 Call Centre for trouble-shooting and support
  • Network Security services


Our certified technicians are experienced in laying all types of cable, including optical fibre. In addition to new installations, we have the tools to detect and repair damage to existing cables. Our expertise includes:

  • Cabling installations and repairs
  • Trenching for new cable
  • Splicing of fibre
  • Routing through walls, ceilings and other obstacles
  • Damage detection and repair

We also configure and manage wireless networks for maximum reliability and performance.


There is a compelling argument for cloud-based computing, particularly for businesses that want to grow organically and manage their IT spend. However, it is crucial to have a reliable partner to ensure optimal performance, security and safety of sensitive information. Our cloud-based services include the following benefits:

  • Predictable monthly ICT costs on a per user basis
  • All business applications can be accessed via inexpensive thin clients or any device such as a smart phone, laptop or tablet
  • All business applications and data available anywhere with an internet connection, at any time
  • All server monitoring, maintenance, security and upgrades are managed as part of the contract
  • Both shared server and dedicated server options are available