Project Management



Challenges faced rolling out projects:

In today’s dynamic corporate environments, many organisations roll out initiatives and projects to react and counteract the changing variables.

• Can your organisation report on an initiative /project’s status accurately and ensure that a project is delivering against the business case with a level of certainty?
• Are all projects implemented via a consistent methodology and governance structure?
• Can the rand value of a project’s overrun to an organisation with respect to time, cost and revenue be calculated?


The services offered are:

• Project Health Audits to assess and ensure key interventions are defined and incorporated for a project to deliver against the business case

o Ensure risks are identified and managed accordingly
o Key milestones are met
o Impact assessments are incorporated at key gate reviews with an action plan to rectify issues
o Governance and decision making is made as per delegation levels
o Stakeholders are onboard and buy into the changes
o Provide an unbiased assessment on the health of a project

• Determine and improve on the maturity level of the project and /or project management office delivery

o Coach and mentor project managers and resources to improve on maturity of the project management delivery
o Implement quality controls and increase the quality of deliverables
o Set up and Improve the maturity of Project Management Office
o Ability to classify initiatives and projects into risk categories for competent and economical management and delivery of a project


Ensure that a project delivers either operational, tactical and strategic deliverables on time, in scope and within budget.
Highlight the right level or risks to the relevant governance levels for quick and appropriate decisions to be taken.
Confirm that accurate and timely information and reports are delivered to the required stakeholders.
Provide a factual view of how a project is progressing.
Minimal Surprises during projects execution.
Efficiently and objectively selecting the most effective initiatives and ideas to be turned into projects.
Ensure that the project deliverables are embedded into an organisation via communication and training phases

  • Project Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Managing external supplier relationships
  • Regular communication and feedback to all stakeholders
  • Managing implementation
  • Quality control and testing
  • Post implementation reporting and monitoring